Selected by Fady Joudah as a winner of the 2017 National Poetry Series and longlisted for the 2018 National Book Award in Poetry, feeld is Charles' latest from Milkweed Editions (August 14, 2018). Available for order. 


Dazzling . . . In Charles' hands, the language itself transitions, defamiliarized, and in its new spellings it opens to a poly-vocality where words contain hidden meanings. – Paris Review

[feeld is] a totally new sound . . . an unprecedented syntax to accommodate an unprecedented experience. Every poet gropes their way towards this kind of sui generis utterance, but so few of us achieve it so absolutely. — Kaveh Akbar, American Poetry Review 

feeld is in elite company, and is arguably unheralded in its lyric inventiveness... A rare find that will be felt and studied for a long while — Fady Joudah

Charles . . . turns to a sort of Chaucerian-texting hybrid in an inspired effort to find language as unstable as her experience. – New York Times

Charles treats language like an open field, a clearing in which something new can be built. Her re-spellings embody this philosophy, challenging readers to explore the open spaces, new meanings and, perhaps, find their place in them. – PBS NewsHour

Charles shows that a form is not important because it is static but rather because of the ways it changes, moves, and is perceived. – Publishers Weekly, starred review

A blend of seemingly archaic language used to explore the nature of gender in new and unpredictable ways--and an absolutely gripping reading experience. – Vol. 1 Brooklyn

feeld unpacks and repacks the histories of each word with compelling lyricism, recreating the metaphors we live with and subscribe to inside. – Arkansas International

Thrilling . . . Jos Charles's collection feeld makes a bold linguistic move. – Signature