Selected by Fady Joudah as a winner of the 2017 National Poetry Series and a Finalist for the 2019 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, feeld is Charles' latest from Milkweed Edition.  


Dazzling . . . In Charles' hands, the language itself transitions, defamiliarized, and in its new spellings it opens to a poly-vocality where words contain hidden meanings. – Paris Review

[feeld is] a totally new sound . . . an unprecedented syntax to accommodate an unprecedented experience. Every poet gropes their way towards this kind of sui generis utterance, but so few of us achieve it so absolutely. — Kaveh Akbar, American Poetry Review 

Jos Charles bends language, via willful spelling, to a place where it must be parsed slowly, struggled through, read not so much with the brain as the mouth. Language becomes a felt thing, a terrain to be crossed. — Tracy K. Smith, U.S. Poet Laureate

Charles . . . turns to a sort of Chaucerian-texting hybrid in an inspired effort to find language as unstable as her experience. – New York Times

feeld is in elite company, and is arguably unheralded in its lyric inventiveness... A rare find that will be felt and studied for a long while — Fady Joudah

Charles fights fire with fire; embraces the speculative data of our past, seeds it with passion, and doesn't let go. - Jordy Rosenberg, NYLON

Charles treats language like an open field, a clearing in which something new can be built. Her re-spellings embody this philosophy, challenging readers to explore the open spaces, new meanings and, perhaps, find their place in them. – PBS NewsHour

Charles shows that a form is not important because it is static but rather because of the ways it changes, moves, and is perceived. – Publishers Weekly, starred review