Selected by Fady Joudah as a winner of the 2017 National Poetry Series, feeld is Charles' latest from Milkweed Editions (August 14, 2018). Order now! 


"In Jos Charles's irreplaceable and enticing feeld, the future of American poetry turns out to be the early medieval past. That future is slippery and overstuffed with puns, like Spenser, or like Joyce, except way more trans. Squares of parchment, scraps from market gardens, 'hewman partes,' privacy and the publicity of a language that has to be turned inside out and backward in order to engender, and not to misgender, what Charles wants to bring into our own time... 'i am afrayde / i am riting myeself.' Don't be afraid. Go and listen. It should no longer be 'tragyck / bieng undre / stood.'" —Stephanie Burt

"To reimagine a language of one's age is perhaps poetry's essential task. As Chaucerian English into the digital twenty-first century, feeld is in elite company, and is arguably unheralded in its lyric inventiveness. It's an archeology of the present ('wee wer so nashenal') and an anagram of the genetic code that is the body ('lorde i am 1 / lorde i am 2 / lorde i am infinate'). Where language is weaponized, feeld is a whistleblower, a reclamation of art's domain... A rare find that will be felt and studied for a long while." —Fady Joudah

"An 'inscription' that belies its potential 'equivalencies.' A scene like a 'stall,' the 'entrance to an institution.' Reading Jos Charles's feeld, I entered, as you are, the 'thynge' of the book: its glottal, pre-English or about-English memory. 'bieng tran is a unique kinde off organe ' i am speeching materialie / i am speeching abot hereditie,' write Charles, turning the mouth of a reader into an ear, as these lines are read, or imagined." —Bhanu Kapil